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The reality that you, my dear brother Deshawn Ross, are no longer among us is tremendously tough to accept. My heart breaks for your children and family; the grief is unbearable. While playing college football together at Kentucky State University, we forged a close camaraderie that lasted long after the game, turning us into brothers for life. Your generosity, esteem, and everlasting pride in being a father had an impact on everyone in your vicinity. My champion, I couldn’t help but brag about your successes.

Your encouragement to get back into cage fighting in MMA in our most recent communication shows how supportive you are. Following the demise of our uncle, I had quit training, but you motivated me. I was assured of my potential and was encouraged to enter the ring once more. It was extremely encouraging to see how resilient you were in the face of hardship and how you were able to overcome every challenge.

Together, we were going to launch a podcast where we would tell your amazing tale and discuss how you rose to the top of the boxing world. Realizing that you were gone from us way too young is painful. My friend, I will miss you terribly. You have a particular place in my heart forever. Peace be with you, my brother.