Debra Bolk Motorcycle Accident, Superior, Wisconsin Resident, Debra Bolk Has Died

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Debra Bolk Motorcycle Accident, Death –  It has been determined that the individual who passed away as a result of injuries experienced in a car accident that took place on May 28th, east of Draper, South Dakota, was a female. This has been confirmed by the authorities. According to the Department of Public Safety, the driver of a GMC Acadia rear-ended a Harley Davidson motorcycle as both vehicles were heading west on Interstate 90 near Draper.

Both vehicles were headed in the same direction. Both cars were heading in the same general direction at the time. The collision that took place was caused by the fact that the driver of the GMC Acadia was trailing the biker at the time. After the motorcycle lost control and flipped over, both the rider and the passenger were ejected from the vehicle and fell on the shoulder of the road. The rider was injured while the passenger was not seriously hurt.

Debra Jean Bolk, 59 years old, was a passenger on the motorcycle when it was involved in an accident that resulted in injuries that ultimately proved to be fatal for her. The accident occurred when the motorcycle was hit by another vehicle. Accident had place as she was driving the motorcycle in that direction.

The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital with critical injuries that were not immediately life-threatening after the accident. When the collision occurred, neither the driver nor the passenger were protecting their heads with a helmet of any kind. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is continuing their investigation into the collision that took place in that state.