David Scholl Motorcycle Accident, Bay City Michigan, 2 Killed After Crash

David Scholl Motorcycle Accident – Two people were killed when their motorcycles were involved in an accident early on Monday morning. Both of the victims were travelling solo. According to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, two guys who were riding motorcycles were involved in an accident on May 16 at around 4:37 a.m. at the intersection of U.S. 12 and Baldwin Prairie Road in Porter Township.

The location of the crash is described as being in Porter Township. When they were travelling on United States Route 12 and getting ready to turn left onto Baldwin Prairie Road, the police say that they were hit from behind by a car. The incident took place as they were approaching the intersection. According to the police, Tanner Maddock Hull, 20, and William David Monroe Kunz, 21, both of White Pigeon, were found to be deceased at the scene of the accident and proclaimed dead there.

Both of these gentlemen called White Pigeon their home. The authorities have stated that the driver of the vehicle that struck them was a guy inhabitant of White Pigeon who was 20 years old. According to the findings of the investigation, neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have played a part in the incident that resulted in the crash. Anyone who was in the area of the intersection prior to the arrival of emergency personnel is urged to get in touch with the sheriff’s office at the number 269-445-2481 in order to discuss the collision. The investigation into what caused the crash is still ongoing.