Dante Jackson Salinas Obituary CA, Dante Jackson has Reportedly Passed Away

Dante Jackson Obituary, Death – The realization that my closest buddy will no longer be available for a quick text message, an afternoon cup of coffee, a FaceTime talk, a bike meet up, or a Kit Kat cocktail has left me in a state of complete and utter grief. Ron Mendoza Regardless of how peculiar you are, I cherish you with every fiber of my being, and the love I have for you cannot be overstated. You were well aware of how I was feeling, and I am certain that you valued the period of time that you and I spent together, as well as the memories that we created together.

Even after 16 years or more, it was never enough for me to know you; it was never enough. It was never enough. We used to like repeating that story, and it always managed to get a good laugh out of us; they just don’t make ’em like you anymore! I recruited you to teach for me, but then I let you go, and then I hired you again and again and again after that.

I forced you to teach kickboxing with one arm, despite the fact that the other arm was injured in an accident that occurred on the way to your class, and this was before you sought medical attention at an emergency facility. All of these characteristics, including your love, your sense of humor, and your perspective on life, were so infectious… If it does occur, the life I’ve known — both here in Chicago and for the remainder of my time spent living on this earth — will never be the same again. This is something I really don’t want to happen, but if it does, there is no going back.