Cristian Medina Car Accident, New London Connecticut, Cristian Medina Has Died

Cristian Medina Car Accident, Death – A young person who was critically hurt in a collision in Fort Pierce the previous week has passed away. Sunday evening, the mother of Christian Medina revealed her son had passed away. Fort Pierce’s traffic is seen by a surveillance camera only seconds before a collision.

Three kids on the high school baseball team were hurt when there was an accident. Madeline Medina praised him as a “awesome catcher” for the baseball squad that represents Lincoln Park Academy. She stated that he cherished life, his friendships, and making people laugh and smile. On Wednesday morning, the driver, who was 16 years old, and two of his teammates, Peter and Timothy Green, both 15, were all passengers in the car when it collided with a power pole near the intersection of Orange Avenue and 33rd Street.

After suffering critical injuries, the three were sent to the hospital. According to a representative for the hospital, Peter Green was discharged on Friday. His identical twin sibling is still in very serious condition. The Florida Highway Patrol was continuing its investigation into the events that led to the death of the person. According to eyewitnesses, the car may have been competing with another vehicle at the time of the collision. A security video taken at a nearby car wash is one of the pieces of evidence that investigators are looking at. In the footage, they can see two vehicles driving by a short time before the accident took place.