Chyna Santana Obituary, Memphis Tennessee, Chyna Santana Has Died

Chyna Santana Obituary, Death – On Thursday, April 28, her lifeless corpse was located in a scene that had not yet been identified. Chyna Santana was discovered to have passed suddenly on Thursday, April 28. She was the mother of two of rapper Moneybagg Yo’s eight children, also known as DeMario DeWayne White Jr.

Her death was determined to be the cause of the deaths of two of those children. Two of Moneybagg Yo’s children have Chyna Santana as their biological mother, according to information. Santana, Chyna What what is happening right now with Moneybagg? What happened to Yo Baby Mama, her age, her children, her real name, how much money she had, and so on

It is generally acknowledged that Moneybagg One of the most well-known rappers in the rest of the globe is Yo, who was born in the United States and is a popular artist there. Moneybagg Yo is a well-known rapper in the United States because he was born there. The rapper’s successes in the music industry have piqued the interest of the online community, but they also have them wondering about his personal life and how it relates to his career. On the internet, it has been asserted that he is the father of eight children, who were born to four different moms. Whether or whether these assertions are true is uncertain.

Chyna Santana was 29 when she passed away, and a sizable number of people sent their condolences to her family and friends on various social media sites. Despite this, Moneybagg did not provide a public statement in the wake of her passing that honored her or made any mention of the article.