Christopher Curtis Obituary, Death, 44-year-old Man Body Found Dead in Amarillo Tx

Christopher Curtis Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, Christopher Larry has passed away. The Amarillo Police Department is still trying to determine the identity of the individual found in the lake on Monday, according to Cpl. Jeb Hilton, the department’s public information officer. According to Hilton, the body was found near Lakeview Drive, which is in the southeast corner of the lake. According to Hilton, it’s tough to say how long the body had been underwater.

The length of time the body was underwater is unknown.We’ll learn more after the autopsy and from a few additional sources. The fact that it had been there the night before was, nevertheless, indisputable. Hilton advised residents to keep away from any areas where water was standing. According to Hilton, the deceased was a male, though they do not know the victim’s age. Although an autopsy is expected to shed insight on what happened, Hilton emphasized that there is currently no evidence to suggest foul play.

The body discovered Monday at Lawrence Lake in Amarillo, Texas, has been positively identified by police. Christopher Larry Curtis, 44, has been named as the suspect in a press release issued by the police.