Christine Pohl Obituary, Professor At Asbury Theological Seminary Has Died

Christine Pohl Obituary,

Christine Pohl Obituary, Death –  As soon as we heard that Dr. Christine Pohl had died away, a profound feeling of sorrow flooded our hearts. She had been a friend and colleague for many years. Dr. Pohl was a friend to a considerable number of persons who worked for our organization in addition to his role as a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Because she was aware of the dangers that biblical hospitality offered in our environment as well as the great value that it brought to the kingdom of God, her teachings on hospitality were highly effective for a large number of people in our global society. This was due to the fact that she knew that biblical hospitality gave the kingdom of God an enormous amount of value. In addition to this, she was conscious of the fact that biblical hospitality contributed to the advancement of God’s kingdom.

This was owing to the fact that she had a solid understanding that demonstrating biblical hospitality was very helpful to the expansion of God’s kingdom and that she actively practiced this. She was kind enough to share one of her lectures on hospitality in 2016, and as a result, the lecture was incorporated into a work of writing that was also published in 2016, and it was given the label “Unfinished.

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