Chad Leitner Motorcycle Accident, Lithia Florida, Motorcyclist has Passed Away

Chad Leitner Motorcycle Accident, Death – This is being said with a heart that has been utterly annihilated. The night before I created this post, I came to the realisation that a piece of who I was had been taken away. My younger brother Chad Leitner (Face) recently passed away, and I like to think that he is spending his time in heaven with our sister Tiffany N. Leitner. My family and I are currently unable to find any comfort, and we would be eternally grateful if you would pray for our family during this difficult time.

On the other hand, we would kindly ask that you allow us this time to spend with one another without forcing us to continue discussing the previous event over and over again.  There is no question in my mind that a lot of people cherished my child, and for that, my husband and I are thankful beyond anything that any of you could possibly comprehend. At this point, all we ask for is your prayers while we work through this challenge. Thank you so much for your support.

You were a big brother to me in every sense of the word, and I thank you for that. You stood up for me when I lost mine, which was your best friend and mine at the same time, Jamey Herron, Chad Leitner. I am grateful. It has been close to two years since we said our final goodbyes to him, and it is going to be so dang difficult to say our final goodbyes to you now. There is no other way to put it; I have lost another sibling, and the feeling is not any less awful. There is no other way to say it. I love you so much, dude, and I pray that you and Jamey are rejoicing together in heaven over your everlasting victory. May those streets of gold be filled with joy.