Casey Vogt Obituary, Lake, Casey Vogt Has Died

Casey Vogt Obituary, Death - 

Casey Vogt Obituary, Death – I tried to think of the appropriate responses while I drove back to DL, but I was completely speechless the entire time. Everything went by so quickly, but I’m relieved to hear that you were surrounded by so many people who love you and were there to show it.

I am overjoyed to learn that you were held and kissed by another person. Because I felt it was important for you to understand that despite your reserved demeanor, you are extremely loved, I couldn’t help but grab your hand and give you a head kiss. So many people value you.
Along with Kyle and Amanda, you have been one of the most consistent and reliable people in my life. Even though we didn’t spend much time together as we got older, I’m sure we were all aware that, in the end, we had each other. In all seriousness, you were more like an elder uncle than a younger brother at the same time.
I was looking forward to spending time with you on our camping trip this summer as well as spending additional family and friend Christmases at Jackie’s house. It was undeniably the beginning of a new chapter in the connection between our family members, as we became more conscious of the transience of life and the significance of expressing love for one another whenever the opportunity presented itself. I value you so much, Casey.