Casey Tourangeau Obituary, Death, Ottawa, Funeral Details

Casey Tourangeau Obituary, Death – We are in a state of mourning after hearing the news of Casey Tourangeau’s death this morning. Incredible skill. Incredible human being. This picture of Casey Tourangeau and Jared Young from a Mad Men-themed party in 2010 is one of my faves for several reasons. My thoughts and prayers are with Joan and Finn at this difficult time. We would like to offer our sincerest sympathies to the Tourangeau family at this time.

We are heartbroken to inform you that on June 4, 2019, Casey Tourangeau, who was a resident of Orleans, Ontario, passed away. Take a moment to visit the memorial page you created for Casey Tourangeau on the website you made for him and write a word of condolence for his family. It’d be fantastic if you could help. Mary Roberts, Kathleen Barry, John, Gerry, and Bill Casey, along with their Montreal parents John Edward Casey and Margaret Mary Whelan, all passed away before she was born. They were both already dead when she was born. The baby girl was given a name that paid tribute to her mom and dad.

Her husband Ronald “Ron” Tourangeau, son Vincent (Mireille) of Toronto, grandkids Finn and Jean-Pierre, and good friend Sheila Tousignant will continue on her legacy after she passes away. In addition to her children and husband, she is survived by many nieces and nephews. Would you consider supporting Parkinson Canada with a memorial gift in Casey’s name? Please accept my gratitude.