Carolyn Thrasher Obituary, Death, Carolyn Thrasher Has Sadly Passed Away

Carolyn Thrasher Obituary, Death – Yesterday, my grandmother, Carolyn Thrasher, passed away peacefully surrounded by family and friends in the comfort of her own home, which was a place she had called home for much of her life. My life has been very difficult right now because two of my grandparents out of a total of four have passed away within a span of just six weeks.

This has made this time in my life particularly difficult. It saddens my heart beyond repair that they won’t be able to participate in my wedding, which is scheduled to take place this summer. I will always cherish the memories of making crafts with my grandma and receiving cards written in her exquisite handwriting to commemorate significant occasions, events, and successes for the entirety of my life. These are memories that I will always keep close to my heart. Those are the times that I will never, ever forget.

Her kind and kind demeanor will be much missed, as will her charitable attitude. It is desired that you keep her husband, who is also my grandfather, as well as her four daughters, eleven grandchildren, and four great grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. I ask that you continue to keep each and every one of them in your thoughts and prayers.