Car Accident Nanaimo, Man Dies in Highway Crash

Car Accident Nanaimo, Death – Nanaimo’s Chase River roadway saw a deadly accident today. A two-car crash caused the accident. The six-car crash occurred on the southbound Trans-Canada Highway, Maki Road, and Tenth Street about 11:30 a.m. All lanes moved south. The Nanaimo RCMP suspects a 73-year-old driver had a medical issue while driving southbound on the highway. Both crashes involved the driver. The driver’s wife was hurt and transferred to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Cpl. Virgil Bitz said the RCMP was looking for an older man driver and a female passenger last seen traveling southbound on TCH.

We suspect a medical issue occurred between the Haliburton Street lights. The unresponsive male driver was speeding southbound. Bitz said the injured man’s car collided with three others at the Trans-Canada Highway, Maki Road, and Tenth Street intersection while stopped at the lights. The car rear-ended a pickup truck, which collided with the vehicle in front of it, causing a six-vehicle catastrophe. Three automobiles were driven away, while the other three were towed. [Emergency Health Services] gave treatment that saved the driver’s life following an unanticipated medical emergency.  Unfortunately, he had passed away; the male victim was 73 years old, and the female passenger is thought to be his wife,” Bitz said.

The corporal stated that the ambulance paramedics helped a cognizant and moving female passenger, although he did not know her injuries. The emergency paramedics found her conscious and moving. The other drivers in the crash were unharmed. Since the accident closed the southbound lanes of the highway for over an hour, drivers had to find another route. Bitz claims the RCMP traffic analyzers were not sent because the authorities had a witness to a “collapse medical event.” This made the event a sudden death rather than a motor vehicle collision-related death. Death was undetermined. After nearly an hour, Drive British Columbia declared the incident location was safe and traffic resumed on the highway at 2:20 p.m.