Cameron Bohannon Obituary, Cameron Wayne Bohannon has died

Cameron Bohannon Obituary, Death – Hi, My name is Katlyn Bohannon. My brother Cameron, was involved in a horrific car crash May 16th, 2023. Just days before his 18th birthday and High School Graduation. It was just a bad mistake, that happened during a hard rain storm, and he lost control, over corrected, after being ran off the road by another vehicle that fled the scene.

There was a total 4 boys, all his closest friends, in my brother’s car, including himself. Not only did my brother die in the crash, but so did one of his friends, plus another boy was severely injured, who is still in the hospital. The 4th boy who was the front seat passenger, & driver of a truck, that collided with my brother, walked away with minor injuries. We’ve had wonderful support from family, friends, & our community.

However, my brother’s funeral expenses are large, as expected. Not to mention, his name plate, that we have not been able yet to purchase for his grave site. I’m asking for help for my family, to finish paying off my brother’s funeral. There’s still $6,000plus left on my brother funeral bill. The grave site he was buried at, says he has to have a special flat granite or brass name plate.

That is going to be $6,000-$7,000 as well. This was an extremely unexpected thing to happen, so we did not have life insurance on him. So we are asking for help of any amount please, anything at all, even just a couple of dollars would add up fast. We were able to already raise money for the other boys accounts, who were the passengers. Now that they are taken care of first, we are now asking for help for ourselves. Please, Please, help my family with my brother’s funeral fund! Any amount will help so much! Thank you for your help and God bless you very much!