Byron Macalpine Obituary, Shelburne Regional High School Vice Principal has Died

Byron Macalpine Obituary, Death – But every member of our family referred to him, it didn’t matter because they all turned to this unique, larger-than-life man with the same long smile and endless source of kindness and support. to everyone he ever touched. Countless times I found myself in Byron’s office. A few times over the years because one of the boys was out of sorts, but mostly it was just because Byron was a huge support to me as I navigated the waters of parenting alone.

If any of the kids noticed they were struggling, Byron was their biggest advocate and immediately opened the door for them to sit and talk or just a quiet space where he never judged but encouraged them to be. Our shared experiences of the grieving process after the loss of a parent and our intense love and determination to do right by our own children bonded us more than our family ties ever could, and I am forever grateful that my children were able to experience his love.

Influence and kindness too. Rest in peace, Byron. Your short life had a great impact on everyone around you and you will be forever missed and always remembered. Words cannot express the sorrow and sadness we feel at the loss of Mr. MacAlpine. The loss is immeasurable but so is the impact of his life on our community.