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Bruce Palait Obituary, Death – June 13, 1952–May 29, 2023: Bruce Palait I regret to inform you that yesterday, my talented and colorful friend Bruce passed away unexpectedly. I know a lot of my Facebook contacts in this area (we shared about 600), who will take this news hard and were familiar with him.
While his sister Audrey Perry, his children Alexandra Graham and Eric Palait, along with his wife Marbella Alfonzo, who are expecting a child, grieve for him, I can reveal that Bruce passed away on Sunday after a brain bleed that had left him comatose. You can send condolences to the family on Bruce’s Facebook page, and I’ll update this post with new details as they are sent to me by the family. A fitting musical “Celebration of Life” is undoubtedly scheduled for August so that friends and family can attend. I’ll keep you informed.
It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I thought he was one of the most interesting people I had ever met. He was gifted and obviously outspoken, especially with one-liners like “Stop – let me finish!” Bruce was a sweet guy on the inside, though, and he kept his feelings to himself. For me, he will always be associated with the Eagle clothing.
Similarly, I’ll always cherish being taken from a stunning all-inclusive hotel in Cuba. For $100, Bruce had hired a local driver to take him from Cienfuegos, his second home, to Varadero. He simply appeared without warning, seized me to pack, and drove me to the south of the island. After four days, I had to beg him to take me back because, to be honest, I was worn out from the amusing antics and nearly deaf from the poetry one-liners. That was just Bruce Palait; today, I wouldn’t give those wonderful days for anything.