Britton Owens Obituary, Britton Owens Has Been Shot To Death

Britton Owens Obituary,

Britton Owens Obituary, Death – Britton Owens, who had lived for 31 years before he passed away on June 5, 2023, did so in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, on a street called Prestigious Lane. He was the age of 31 at the time of his passing. Britton Owens was a resident of North Carolina at the time of his passing away in 2016. On that day, it was the 5th of June.

Britton was confronted by a group of armed assailants while he was inside of an apartment complex at eight o’clock at night. The intruders were armed with firearms. The attackers were armed with a wide assortment of different types of weaponry. The intruders were armed with a wide variety of firearms in addition to a variety of other types of weaponry. During the confrontation, Britton was threatened with a weapon by one of the criminals who had confronted him.

When the police arrived at the location where there had been a complaint of bullets being fired, they found a black man who was the victim of the shooting and who had been shot there. The location where he was shot was the same location where the report of shots being fired had been made. A bullet that had struck him in the head left him with a wound in that area of his body.

The medical professionals who were present at the scene determined that the individual had passed away there, and they made the declaration that he had died there. They concluded that the person had died at the scene. Britton’s neck tattoos were an important piece of evidence that helped establish his identify as the person in question. These tattoos were found on both sides of Britton’s neck. These tattoos were found on the back of his neck, specifically. His neck was bare. No arrests have been made.