Brian Flood Obituary, Toronto Ontario, Brian Flood has died

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Brian Flood Obituary, Death – On June 8th, Brian passed away in St. Michael’s Hospital while surrounded by his family and friends. He had a peaceful passing. It had been some time since he had been there. His family, which included his wife of 55 years, Patricia (Doohan), his sons Michael (Jill Burgin) and Christopher (Kelly McRobie), as well as his grandchildren Sam, Sarah, Charlotte, Alex, and Carey, held him in very high esteem and showed him a great deal of affection.

Everyone felt a warm and sincere fondness for him that ran deep. Patricia, his older sister, had already passed away before to his departure from this world. It was frequently claimed about her that she was “the other Pat Flood.” We are very thankful for all of the life lessons that we were able to pick up by reflecting back on Brian’s journey through life and for the ones that he personally handed on to us.

We are also very thankful for all of the life lessons that we were able to pick up through thinking back on our own journeys through life. He possessed an extraordinary amount of moral fortitude, was incredibly dedicated, and was a genuinely kind and pleasant person. He has a wonderful ability to connect with people of all ages and walks of life, to comprehend them, and to offer them support.

He was also able to offer assistance to those he connected with. He was extraordinarily capable in this regard all the way through. He excelled in spite of his unassuming demeanor by exhibiting unflappable tenacity, a generous mindset, and a funny personality. These qualities allowed him to overcome the challenges he faced. He has laid out for us a plan of action that is not only illuminating but also motivating, and it is a plan of action that will hold up throughout the course of time.