Brian Dee Simonton Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

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¬†Brian Dee Simonton Obituary, Death –¬† The individual who was shot and killed by police officers on Tuesday near an apartment complex has been positively recognized, and it has been proven with certainty that this individual has been identified. The occurrence was found to have taken place in the general area of the plant. Ogden’s Chief of Police, Eric Young, pointed the finger of suspicion at a man named Brian Dee Simonton, 37 years old, as the individual they think to be guilty for the crime.

Young asserts that on Tuesday, at approximately 3:26 p.m., the police got a complaint from a woman who alleged that Simonton was breaking a protective order. Officers have acknowledged receipt of the report. Young told reporters on Friday afternoon that the woman had reported to police that Simonton carried a gun and was acting abnormally, “as if he wants to kill himself or wanting to be killed,” the woman had added.

When a police officer arrived at the Washington Park apartment complex located at 170 N. Washington Boulevard, he spotted Simonton wandering around the parking lot while carrying a firearm. The complex is named after the Washington Park neighborhood in which it is located. This behavior was observed coming from Simonton when he was in possession of a firearm.

During the interaction, the officer reportedly requested Simonton to drop the pistol that he was holding at least ten times, according to Young’s account of the events. Simonton was clutching the pistol at the time. According to the allegations, Simonton disobeyed the directions, and as a direct consequence, he shot the weapon in the direction of the officer. The material in this report was provided by the chief of police.