Brian Cunningham Obituary, Walpole MA, Brian Cunningham has Passed Away

Brian Cunningham Obituary, Death – Brian Carlyle Cunningham, who was 84 years old and lived in Newellton, Cape Sable Island, passed away unexpectedly on April 20th, 2023 while he was a patient at Yarmouth Regional Hospital. His family is heartbroken to communicate this news. Brian never felt the need to venture too far away from Cape Sable Island because he spent his entire childhood on that island. His entire life as a worker was spent working as an inshore lobster fisherman and an Irish moss collector. He was a peaceful, kind, and generous man to his huge family, his many friends, and even, on occasion, to total strangers.

Throughout the years, his home and garden provided a safe haven for an innumerable number of strays, all of which were showered with love and attention and either given a warm place to sleep or fed for free. Brian is the only member of the Cunningham family to have survived after the deaths of his parents, brother Edward, and sisters Edith Messenger and Jean Ross. His parents, brother Edward, and sisters Edith Messenger and Jean Ross all passed away before Brian. He is survived by numerous close cousins, most notably Leigh Cunningham, as well as six nieces and nephews: Sandra Goreham of Woods Harbour, Jo Ann Messenger of Toronto, Valerie Higgins (née Ross) of Stoney Island, Larry Messenger of Mineville, Chris Messenger of North East Point, Randy Ross of Centreville, and Randy Ross of Centreville.

Additionally, he is survived by six nieces and nephews. An additional three generations’ worth of nephews and nieces are included in the extended family. It was his nephew Michael Ross as well as his great-nephews Trevor Goreham and Roan Messenger who passed away before him. Many people were known to show up without prior warning, while many more were regulars who came short, socially, and most of the time more than once a day. Brian perpetuated the tradition of an open home that had been started by his parents by keeping his doors open 24 hours a day, from before dawn until after midnight, to anyone who might want to “drop in.” Everyone was welcome in his home at any time. At Newellton Cemetery, Brian will be laid to rest next to Annette Newell, his partner and lifelong companion. The care that he received from the neighbourhood VON, the homecare workers, and the visiting medical personnel, which together made it possible for him to continue his comfortable life at home, is much appreciated by his family.