Bradley Newland Obituary, Malakoff TX, Bradley Newland Has Died

Bradley Newland Obituary, Death – My heart is completely devastated for my younger sister Staci Newland, her children, Bradley’s family, and all of Bradley’s closest friends and family members. It’s the last thing you ever want to see happen to the people you care about the most, but here we are, and it’s utterly heartbreaking to watch them suffer like this.

A great number of people have inquired about what they can do to assist, and one answer is to provide financial assistance. As the primary provider, I know that this would mean the world to Bradley Newland if we could make sure that she doesn’t have to worry about the bills for a while. This is the one thing that all of us can do for them, and it’s the only thing we can do for them. Bradley made sure that they were always taken care of.

For the convenience of the Bradley Newland family, a checking account at First State Bank (Athens, Malakoff) has been opened. He was blessed with a lovely wife and three lovely children, aged 1, 4, and 6, respectively. If you would like to make a contribution to the Bradley Newland Memorial Fund, please go to any of their locations and let the staff know that you would want to do so. Any and all donations will be given to the family in question. If you would like to make a payment to Staci through Venmo, her account information is @Staci-Newland.