Belmont Shore Shooting, Police Shoot Stabbing Suspect

Belmont Shore Shooting – On Tuesday, personnel of the Long Beach Police Department opened fire on a person they thought to be guilty for a crime in the neighborhood of Belmont Shore in the city. A person was stabbed, which led to the incident, which resulted in one person sustaining severe injuries and three other people sustaining minor injuries. According to police and fire officials, the event was caused by a stabbing.

According to statements made by Brian Fisk, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach Fire Department, the victim of the stabbing was transported to a trauma center in an ambulance after the incident. There is no new information that can be provided at this time because there is none available. According to Fisk, the other three people were evaluated for injuries at the scene on 2nd Street and were released after receiving treatment because their injuries were not as severe as the ones sustained by the first person.

According to a tweet that was put out by the agency, when officers from the Long Beach Police agency arrived at the scene at approximately 11:54 in the morning, they opened fire on the suspect. He was sent to a hospital nearby in order to receive medical attention, but no information on his condition was made public as soon as he arrived at the facility after the transfer. The Long Beach Police Department has issued a statement in which they assert that there is no “current threat to the public,” and in which they also declare that an investigation into the incident has been initiated. Both of these claims can be found in the statement.