Art Thompson Obituary, Head Counselor At CHS Has Passed Away

Art Thompson Obituary, Head Counselor At CHS Has Passed Away

Art Thompson Obituary, Death – This is a very tragic day for everyone who has ever attended Chamblee High School, as well as for the school as a whole. This is a day that everyone will remember for a very long time. As a direct result of learning about Dr. Art Thompson’s dying the night before, we were left with a sour taste in our lips when we woke up this morning.

The news that he had died away had left a foul taste in our mouths. Dr. Thompson was employed at CHS for a total of 17 years, during which time he served the entirety of that time as the school’s Head Counselor and concurrently held the role of Principal Counselor. He was helpful in helping a huge number of students accomplish their aspirations of going to college or a technical school, and he did this by playing an integral part in the process.

He helped a great number of students fulfill their dreams of going to college or a technical school. He played a significant role in assisting students in realizing their dreams of attending either a four-year university or a vocational school. He was successful in accomplishing this objective by giving the children financial aid and by taking an active role in the process itself.

Students who are struggling financially and were unable to attend school because of it may be eligible for financial aid from him. Depending on the specifics of the student’s situation, this support may come in the form of a scholarship that covers all or part of the student’s education. Depending on the recipient’s preferences, this aid could be provided in the form of either a grant or an award.

Due to the extensive amount of time he had spent working in education, the rest of DeKalb County held him in extremely high regard as an outstanding educator. Because he dedicated 34 years of his life to teaching, his students were able to meaningfully benefit from the dedication that he displayed throughout those years.
I have a lot of faith that you, Dr. Thompson, will be successful in finding the peace that you’ve been looking for at some point in the not too distant future.