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Anthony Silva Obituary, Death – The three men who were slain over the weekend in a gunfight at a motorbike rally in New Mexico were members of different illegal biker gangs, and the violence between them resulted from an earlier argument between them in Albuquerque, according to the authorities who spoke on Sunday. In the shooting that took place on Saturday between members of the Bandidos and the Waterdogs in the mountain resort town of Red River, the New Mexico State Police claimed that three additional bikers are facing charges and that two of them were among the five people who were injured.

Those that passed away have been named as Anthony Silva, age 26, from Los Lunas; Damian Breaux, age 46, from Socorro; and Randy Sanchez, age 46, from Albuquerque. All three men were shot and died. According to New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Johnson, who identified the victims, two were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third was pronounced dead at a hospital. Jacob Castillo, age 30, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, will be charged with an open count of murder after he is released from a hospital, according to Johnson, while Matthew Charles Jackson, age 39, of Austin, Texas, is facing a charge of unlawfully carrying a firearm inside of a liquor establishment. Both men were arrested in connection with the same incident.