Angela Hollon Obituary, Angela Hollon Has Passed Away

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Angela Hollon Obituary, Death – The San Angelo Independent School District (SAISD) and San Jacinto Elementary are deeply saddened by the passing of their former employee, Ms. Angela Hollon. The news of her loss has sent shockwaves throughout the school community, and our thoughts and condolences are with her family, friends, students, and fellow staff members who have been most affected by this tragedy.

During this challenging time, it is important to remember that SAISD is not just a school but a close-knit community. The loss of a valued member like Ms. Hollon is felt by all, and the collective grief is palpable. In recognition of the emotional impact this event may have on students and staff, SAISD has a dedicated team of professionals who are trained to provide support and assistance in times of distress.

These professionals will be available to address the needs of students and staff, offering guidance, counseling, and any other support necessary to navigate through the grieving process. The school community will come together to honor and remember Ms. Hollon, cherishing her contributions and the positive impact she made during her time with San Angelo ISD and San Jacinto Elementary.

As the community mourns the loss of Ms. Hollon, it is a reminder of the strength and resilience that can be found in unity. The SAISD family will lean on one another, providing comfort and support as they navigate this difficult time. Together, they will honor the memory of Ms. Angela Hollon and continue to foster a caring and nurturing environment for their students and staff.