Amber Hunsinger Car Accident, Tunkhannock PA, Amber Hunsinger has Died

Amber Hunsinger Car Accident – According to the reports that received from the state police, a collision that included two automobiles that took place on Tuesday in Wyoming County resulted in the death of a young woman who was in her twenties. The collision took place on Tuesday. The crash occurred in Wyoming County, as stated earlier. According to the reports that were provided by the Pennsylvania State Police, there was a collision that took place on Route 309 in Monroe Township at approximately four o’clock in the afternoon. This information was provided by the reports that were submitted by witnesses.

According to the complaint that was filed by the police, a car that was going in a northerly direction and had three persons inside of it attempted to turn left off of SR 309 into a driveway; however, it went directly into the path of a truck that was going in the opposite direction. The truck was moving in the direction that the automobile was going. The collision took place as a direct result of the automobile driving straight into the path of the truck.

Amber Hunsinger, who lived in Monroe Township and was just 20 years old when she passed away, had been injured in a car accident and tragically passed suddenly as a result of the injuries she had in the accident. At the time of the collision, she was riding as a passenger in the car, and at the moment of impact, she had been seated in the position that is reserved for the rear passenger. The investigation into the incident that was being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, who were also present at the scene, caused the roadway to be closed off to traffic for the duration of their presence.