Alexia Treviso Murder Artesia New Mexico, Teenage Girl Charged with Murder-Homicide

Alexia Treviso Murder, Death – In Artesia, a young lady has been arrested and charged with the slaying of her infant son, who was found dead in the stall of a hospital restroom. On January 27, an officer from the Artesia Police Department responded to a complaint concerning a newborn baby that had been discovered in the restroom of the hospital. According to the documents filed with the court, the officer was made aware of the suspect, who was identified as 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo.

Trevizo was not questioned by authorities at the Artesia hospital where she was being treated because she was getting ready to be transported via emergency helicopter to the Lovelace Medical Center in Roswell. According to the papers from the court, the officer found out that Trevizo was at the emergency department for lower back symptoms and denied that she was pregnant while she was there. After a laboratory test confirmed Trevizo’s suspicions that she was carrying a child, she retreated to the restroom and locked the door behind her.

Trevizo eventually was informed by employees that they were entering, at which point she opened the door for the personnel from the hospital. The nursing staff reported to the police that the restroom was covered in blood, and the nursing staff immediately began treatment on the patient. The staff investigated the toilet as well as the top of the garbage can, but they did not discover anything suspicious. However, when the garbage bag was removed from the dumpster during the cleaning process, an employee noted that it was far heavier than usual. According to the transcript from the court case, two nurses then examined the bag and discovered a newborn baby boy inside who was ice cold and exhibited no signs of life. Recommended