Adam Fravel Obituary, Winona MN, Maddi Kingsbury has Reportedly Passed Away

Adam Fravel Obituary, Death – On Wednesday night, Maddi Kingsbury’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children, Adam Fravel, was taken into jail at the Winona County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder. Adam Fravel is the father of Maddi Kingsbury’s children. Additional information regarding this new turn in the investigation has not been released by law enforcement at this time; however, authorities have already disclosed the following: On that particular day, she and Fravel brought their children to daycare just after 8 in the morning. Kingsbury did not show up for her shift at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and she did not pick up her children or make any other plans to ensure that they were looked after on that day.

Winona police reported that Fravel told investigators he left the residence in Kingsbury’s van at approximately 10:00 a.m. on that day, and when he returned later, he discovered that she was no longer there. Following a search of both the van and her residence, the investigators discovered Kingsbury’s phone, pocketbook, identification card, and the jacket she had been wearing the previous morning. On March 31, surveillance cameras in the eastern portion of Fillmore County captured images of a van that appeared to be Kingsbury’s when it was traveling northbound on Highway 43 after having driven on County Road 12.

As of Wednesday evening, there was neither an indication that Kingsbury had been found nor formal confirmation that the murder Fravel is being held in connection with is hers. Neither of these two pieces of information had been discovered. This past week, Fravel and Kingsbury came to an agreement on the custody of their children. According to the terms of the agreement, Fravel’s two children will continue to live with Kingsbury’s parents for the time being. However, the father plans to file a petition seeking exclusive custody of his children. The intention of Kingsbury’s parents was to accomplish the same thing.