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Abraham Davenport Obituary, Death – A military marker can be found at Lakeside Cemetery that honors Abraham Davenport for his service in the United States Colored Infantry Company H for a total of two years and three months. You can locate this marker in the aforementioned place. According to what was said in the obituary for him, he moved to Hastings in the same year that he passed away.

Because he served in the Union Army during the American Civil War, a GAR star and flag have been put on top of his headstone. In 2018, the Lakeside Cemetery Association placed markers on the graves of African Americans whose graves had previously been unmarked. These graves were previously unmarked. The vast majority of these people are laid to rest in an area that is commonly referred to as “Potters’ Field.”

Although the specific location of their burial is uncertain. In the case of Abraham, there was a record of the location of the burial, but the spot was in no way marked with a stone in any form. [T]here was a record of the location of the burial. A marker with Abraham’s name affixed to it was placed on the property that Abraham had purchased. It has been discovered, however, that the person buried there is his wife, Meta Roach Davenport, who passed away in 1913.

This information came to light after an investigation was conducted. A recent finding led to the realization that this was previously unknown information. Abraham passed away in the year 1915 in the city of St. Paul, and he is laid to rest there. It is only fitting that a tribute to his life should be constructed in the city in which he lived the majority of his life, as this is where he called home for the majority of his years.

He supported himself by working as a vegetable gardener and looking after a home on the 7th Street. It would be quite interesting to learn whether or not a flag is draped over his actual grave on the occasion of Memorial Day as a way to commemorate the celebration. Mr. Davenport, I hope you are able to find some tranquility in your life. We honor your memories and remember you as an early Black pioneer in Hastings. Your legacy will never be forgotten.